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Marc Miner (Band)

Sun, Sep 27 @ 7:00 PM

Addicted To Rock Bar + Burger, Döblinger Gürtel,
Stadtbahnbogen 186-188, 1190 Wien, Austria

Unplugged show with my band

reservations: / +431581264719



Marc Miner (Solo)

Tue, Sep 29 @ 8:30 PM

Casablanca, Rabensteig 8, 1010 Wien, Austria

songs, beer & party with my solo acoustic cover show!



Marc Miner (Band)

Fri, Oct 23 @ 7:00 PM

B6 – Road Pub – Gewerbepark Tresdorf 13, 2111 Leobendorf, Austria

alternative-outlaw-country-rock & americana show with my band

You want me to play at your party/venue?

I’m really as cheap as I look like so don’t hesitate and contact me or my friends
from my booking agencies to talk about the details.
I also love to play house concerts.

For bookings contact:

Marc Miner (solo gigs – worldwide):

Marc Miner (band gigs – Germany, Switzerland, Austria):
Doc H Entertainment

Marc Miner (band gigs – rest of the world):
Between Music

If you are a professional booking agent or an ambitious freshman outside of the GSA countries and you want to make sure that I play some ass-kickin’ shows in your country, feel free to contact Between Music too. They do a lot for me but they aren’t almighty and some help at booking shows all around the world is well appreciated.


When you think of alternative-outlaw-country-rock and Americana music you probably think of USA, maybe Canada. So, Marc Miner is the European outpost. While Nashville is considered the “city of music” in the USA, Marc settled down in the European version of it: Vienna, Austria! As if that weren’t enough Marc is also an international breed: His father from USA met Marc’s mother from Germany in Poland. That’s also where Marc was born, before the family had to leave the country. They moved to Vienna, where Marc grew up and where he started his first bands ranging from rock n roll, rock to even punk and grunge – which at that time was the “teenage sound of revolution”.

By the age of 16 the rebelling Marc Miner decided to leave home. He traveled through Europe, got a job on board of a container ship and arrived in the USA in 2000. Impressed by the life-style of the South, the prairie, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains and the melodies he heard there he decided to stay.

Unfortunately, life ain’t a free-ride so beside his music jobs he also started to gamble, which finally got him to jail. Marc was accused of illegal gambling, forging and other “trivial offenses” as he calls it. With some help from his father’s influential friends the US authorities finally amnesty Marc, but he had to leave this wonderful country.

Back in Europe he finally settled down in Vienna. Here he does what he can do best: playing music in front of bigger and smaller crowds or recording and producing songs for the outcasts, misfits, losers and broken-hearted.


Marc Miner – Border Town Bar

Here’s my southern-rock stomper. It’s all about my life on the road with the best band buddies on this world! Give a big hand to:
Martin L.A. Dickinson on drums!
Marcus McMill on bass!
Mike Eggard on guitar!

One day we’ll write a song about touring big stadiums. For now we enjoy every single show in every dive bar cause that’s where you meet the best folks! Please share it and of course once again a big THANK YOU to the best video producer on this planet: Stefan Wasner! Also to his lovely assistant Julia Hulle! And last but not least to the cast: Mario, Carina, Eileen and Mark! You guys rock!

Marc Miner – Warm Welcome

Here’s my red-dirt-country-rock smasher. To make a long story short – it kind of sums up my life on the road. You know – me and my band buddies go into a new town, meet people, have fun, go out and lose them. Years later you walk in again and you feel like home and while you party and laugh with all those lovely people you already know you’ll be gone the next day. That’s how being a no-name musician looks like, but we love it that way! I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it with your friends! BTW the video was shot by the best video producer on this planet, Stefan Wasner, again! You rock, man! 

Marc Miner – Easy Street

Here’s my funny little quarantine song, I recorded with my band during the Corona pandemic. I started to write the song during the financial crisis in 2008. I liked the line ‘Now, that the whole world is shut down’, but never finished it. Now, with the health crisis of 2020 that line seemed even more appropriate. We not only recorded the song all alone in our basements and bedrooms but also shot the video separately at home. It’s the best we could do on our own and I hope our awkward performance puts a smile on your face. Watch, enjoy, feel free to share, live on easy street and stay healthy!

Marc Miner – Whiskey & Weed

This is my first release with my new band buddies and we think it’s one hell of a good outlaw country honky tonk smasher about love, drugs, parties and the evil spirits that come with it when you over-do that kind of stuff. I had a few highs and one hell of lows in my life. “Whiskey & Weed” had always some kind of impact on the up- and downsides in my life, so I guess it was time to put it in a song. Many thanks to my band: Martin L. A. Dickinson, Marcus McMill and Mike Eggard! And also cheers to the on and only Stefan Wasner for the video. You guys rock!

Marc Miner & Agnès Milewski – Sleepy Sunshine

This is a little lullaby folk waltz I wrote for my baby girl just a few days after she was born. I’m extremely thankful that Agnès Milewski joined me on this performance. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to inflame Vienna for this great video!

David Graf feat. Marc Miner – Hold My Drink

Here’s a lyrics-video of a song I did with newcomer producer David Graf. It’s a great mix of dance-pop with some country acoustic edge, written and produced by David himself. On sax you can hear the great Oleh Ohnivchuk. Also visti who did a great job on the lyrics-video!

BamO feat. Marc Miner – You Make Me Wanna Lie

This is my first feature-single from 2014. I recorded it with the comedy act BamO. Yeah, it IS quite trashy but that fits to the idea of the project and the new music genre we created: Nu-Folk-Trash-EDM! And hey… it was on the Austrian charts, so I guess we did something right! Enjoy!

Marc Miner – Willin‘

Here’s my version of a great country-rock song originally performed by Little Feat and written by their frontman Lowell George. It has this wonderful outlaw feeling, I really dig! And it’s so much fun to sing-a-long when you’re on a road trip, even when you’re not a bad-ass trucker! 😉

Marc Miner – Six Days On The Road

My version of a classic country/blues song. I heard the song the first time by Taj Mahal when I was a kid and discovered many other versions since then. The one I like best is the Sawyer Brown version from 1997, so I decided to take their arrangement of the song but used some lyric variations from other versions to get that nasty outlaw feeling back again. The song was originally written by Earl Green and Carl Montgomery and was released by Dave Dudley in 1963. Enjoy!

Marc Miner – Let It Be Me

This is my version of one of my favorite Everly Brothers love songs from 1960, which actually is a cover itself. Originally the song’s called “Je t’appartiens” performed by French singer Gilbert Bécaud and was written by the performer (music) and Pierre Delanoë (lyrics) back in 1955. The English lyrics were written by Mann Curtis and first performed by Jill Corey in 1957. Hope you enjoy it!

Marc Miner – Broke Down

This is my home studio version of a Slaid Cleaves’ song I really love. It’s the first time I made such a video all by myself: sound, cam, cutting and editing. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I sure have to work on my video and production skills, but hey – it turned out pretty good for a first time, right?! And the song is so beautiful, it masks the poor production. Check out more of Slaid Cleaves on the internet! His a real talent! Just do it!

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So, you love music? Great! I love it too! Let’s join our creative forces and write together! I don’t care if you are a professional songwriter or a newcomer, an amateur who’s wirting just for fun or if you just want to impress your partner of mum with a lovely song. Hell, yeah, even if you want to write a song for your boss, telling him his a dick is fine for me. Let’s do it! Let’s write together – worldwide! We can have face-to-face sessions, WhatsApp sessions, even e-mailing some ideas is fine for me. Whatever is cool for you! I’ve already written hundreds of songs in many genres ranging from punk, pop, rock, country to folk and EDM. I’m open-minded and excited to try new genres. So don’t hesitate!

Here are some of the released songs I’ve (co-)written:

featured badass merchandising

male t-shirt
male t-shirt
enamel cup (limited 2020 edition)
enamel cup (limited 2020 edition)
trucker cap
trucker cap
female t-shirt
female t-shirt


Alright, you’re interested in my recordings, huh? Great, here you can find all my official releases. To read through the lyrics and liner notes just click on the artwork. To get your own copy simply check your favorite download-shop.


All the singles I’ve ever released! Enjoy!

Marc Miner – “Border Town Bar” (single)

Marc Miner – “Warm Welcome” (single)

Marc Miner – “Easy Street” (single)

Whiskey & Weed

Marc Miner – “Whiskey & Weed” (single)

I Don´t Dance

Marc Miner – “I Don’t Dance” (single)

Sleepy Sunshine

Marc Miner & Agnes Milewski – “Sleepy Sunshine” (single)

Guest Appearances

Here you can find all the releases that I joined as a featuring artist or guest singer or musician – lot of different styles and genres. Enjoy!

Hold My Drink

David Graf feat. Marc Miner – “Hold My Drink” (single)

You Make Me Wanna Lie

BamO feat. Marc Miner – “You Make Me Wanna Lie” (single)


Hey, wanna drop me a line?
Use the mail-form down here and I’ll come back to you as soon as my hangover passes.

For bookings contact:

Marc Miner (solo gigs – worldwide):

Marc Miner (band gigs – Germany, Switzerland, Austria):
Doc H Entertainment

Marc Miner (band gigs – rest of the world):
Between Music