Wanna watch my videos? Well, here we go...  

As you see most of them are live videos caught on tape by fans at my gigs. I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back for more videos.

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DAVID GRAF feat. MARC MINER - Hold My Drink
Here's a lyrics-video of a song I did with newcomer EDM producer David Graf. It's a great mix of dance-pop with some country acoustic edge, written and produced by David Graf himself. On sax you can hear the great Oleh Ohnivchuk. Also visit who did a great job on the lyrics-video. Cheers!






BAMO feat. MARC MINER - You Make Me Wanna Lie
This is my latest feature-single I recorded with the EDM producer BamO. Yeah, it IS quite trashy but that suits the idea of our project and the new music genre we created: NU-FOLK-TRASH-EDM! Enjoy!

MARC MINER - Moje Polskie Serce
As you may have already noticed "Moje Polskie Serce" is a bit of a different type of song, but because of the soccer EURO2012 in Poland/Ukraine and the Olympic Games it seemed like the best time to release that single. I hope you enjoy this fan-video with a great slide-show of polish sportsmen.













MARC MINER - Six Days On The Road
My version of a classic country/blues song. I heard the song the first time by Taj Mahal when I was a kid and discovered many other versions since then. The one I like best is the Sawyer Brown version from 1997 so I decided to take their arrangement of the song but used some lyric variations I liked in other versions to get that nasty outlaw feeling back again. The song was originally written by Earl Green and Carl Montgomery and was released by Dave Dudley in 1963. Enjoy!



This is my version of one of my favorite Everyl Brothers love songs from 1960, which actually is a cover itself. Originally the song's called "Je t'appartiens" performed by french singer Gilbert Bécaud and was written by the performer (music) and Pierre Delanoë (lyrics) back in 1955. The English lyrics were written by Mann Curtis and first performed by Jill Corey in 1957. Hope you enjoy it!



MARC MINER - Broke Down

This is my home studio version of a Slaid Cleaves' song I really love. It's the first time I made such a video all by myself: sound, cam, cutting and editing. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I sure have to work on my video and production skills, but hey - it turned out pretty good for a first time, right?! And the song is so beautiful, it masks the poor production. Check out more of Slaid Cleaves music on the internet! His a real talent! Just do it!




- Looking Out My Backdoor (live)
My friend Jimi Dolezal and Austro-Pop-Legend Ulli Bäer invited me for a special appearance at their show. Here we are performing one of my favorite tunes "Looking Out My Backdoor" by CCR. Mike Wait joined on the cajon.




- Those Were The Days (live)
And the second song we did that night with Jimi Dolezal, Ulli Bäer and Mike Wait was "Those Were The Days" an old song from Russia made famous by Mary Hopkins in the 1960s. I love the folks singing at the end - that gives me thrills! That's why I love to be on stage! 




- Sympathy For The Devil (live)
Another guest appearance with my friends from the MARY BROADCAST BAND at the GOODBALL Party 2010. It was great fun doing this version of "Sympathy For The Devil" by the Rolling Stones.

MARC MINER - I Will Always Love You (live)
This very nice video from a fan shows me playing the song live and some great scenes from the movie "Bodyguard", where Whitney Houston sang the song. The song is originally by the wonderful Dolly Parton. It's a lot of fun to sing that song, especially when you don't try to sing like Whitney! :-)
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