Marc Miner - an outlaw alternative country, folk and americana musician who's seen almost the whole world and soaked up the worlds most wonderful melodies.

Born in Krakow/Poland in 1982 as the only child of a rich american guy, who invested into the polish communist party and a west-german girl, who made a road trip through the Eastern Bloc heading for Wladiwostock - the eastern end of the former USSR. Marc's family had to leave Poland in 1985, when the communistic regime slowly started to fall appart, and moved to Vienna/Austria, where Marc got his first guitar and started to play rock n roll, rock and even punk and grunge - which at that time was the "teenage sound of revolution".

By the age of 16 the rebelling Marc Miner had enough of his parents and ran away from home. He traveled through Europe, got a job on board of a container ship and arrived in the USA in 2000. Impressed by the life-style of the South, the prairie, the Rockys and the melodies he heard there he decided to stay. Marc broke with his teenage "fuck you" attitude and as a mellow young man he learned to enjoy all the good things in life (money, sex, money, party, money, etc.). Unfortunately life ain't a free-ride and beside his music jobs he started to gamble - until he stuck in jail in Baton Rouge. He was accused of illegal gambling, forging and other "trivial offense". That's when Marc remembered daddy's fat moneyback and his influental friends. The US authorities finally gave amnasty Marc, but he had to leave this wonderful country - forever!

Back in good ol' Europe - where Miner spent the most of his life - he finally settled down in Vienna - the city of music, where he grew up and where his journey once began. Here he does what he can do best - gambling - and from time to time he steps in front of a drunken crowd to perform the worlds finest melodies. Further he started to write his own songs and began to produce other artists recordings.
In the past Marc also recorded a polish song called "Moje Polskie Serce" (unofficial UEFA EURO 2012 song) and had a featuring appearance on "You Make Me Wanna Lie" by BamO in 2014 that peaked #61 on the Austrian charts. In 2018 he was featured on "Hold My Drink" by David Graf and released a folk-duet with Agnes Milewski called "Sleepy Sunshine". In 2019 his Mardi Gras song "I Don't Dance" was released as well as his honky tonk smasher "Whiskey & Weed". A fast and heavy outlaw song. But even if your lifestyle isn’t as excessive as Miner’s, “Whiskey & Weed” will take you to the past when you felt young and wild at a stranger’s party. “I guess everyone’s been there before. The only difference is, most people know when to stop, while I tend to keep on partying" Though most of Marc’s previous releases had a more positive and softer sound, his bitter-sweet point of view on the subjects of his songs assembles all his releases to a continuous enhancement. “As long as I will go through highs and lows, I’ll be writing and singing passionately about the opposites that go together."

Come back now and then and witness the development of the greatest fameless outlaw folk and americana singer in the history of music!

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